The Urban Revitalization Project is multifaced in its purpose and its approach. Our philosophy is that every community has its unique personality, history, and culture that deserves to be emphasized and preserved. We utilize our combined skill sets to give back to our community. URP serves to improve and beautify blighted areas by engaging regional artists, art students, and amateurs all the while implementing effective resource strategies that meet a community’s needs.  URP Engages aspiring artists and students in community development projects, connecting them with mentors in the profession. This naturally establishes apprenticeships, relationships, and a smooth transition into a professional career.
“This is our community, our artists. This is us; this is Gainesville.” – Guido Montenegro

meet URP’s Program director

Guido Montenegro has been a life-long multi-disciplinary visual artist and entrepreneur. Guido initially began his studies in the magnet program at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) which resides in the heart of Miami’s Design District. During his time at DASH he established the only all ages venue that facilitated touring national musicians and artists as well as local talent. Guido later became the creative director for Bunny Takeover Media, a design and media company based in South Florida.

In 2005 Guido graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute with a specialization in Printmaking. During his time in college Guido collaborated with the Urban Culture Project and the Charlotte Street Foundation. He worked as an intern to develop the abandoned downtown area into a prominent art and cultural center, bringing in renown artists such as Shepard Fairey to aid in the efforts.

These experiences over the years had given Guido the foundation to pursue his life long dream of dedicating himself to community redevelopment projects. From 2016 and on Guido dedicated his time to creating connections and partnering with local and state artists and businesses to develop Gainesville’s urban art scene. On May 2018, Urban Revitalization Project was established as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.